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Garage Door Trends of 2021

Garage Door Trends of 2021

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The new year has arrived and though 2020 will never be forgotten— to put it mildly —2021 offers the promise of the new and the hopeful. Home trends that continue to gain prominence and are considered a priority among homeowners and are also center stage for the garage door industry. Home security, smart technology and contemporary, yet bold, design puts your home’s garage door system squarely in the crosshairs of 2021 home trends.

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Home Security

One trend that is gaining further momentum is the need for home security. From smart home security to reinforced entry points and upgraded access systems, 2021 is about achieving peace of mind and prioritizing safety.

Often the most-used gateway to and from the home, a garage door that is built and installed by a trusted brand known for quality and dependability is essential. As a trusted garage door manufacturer now celebrating its 100-year anniversary, Overhead Door™ Brand has the industry know-how coupled with a wide assortment of security enhancing garage doors.

Smart Technology

Another element to home security and a continuing trend for 2021, is utilizing the most up-to-date technology. With Overhead Door™ Brand’s OHD Anywhere® app, homeowners can monitor or control their garage doors remotely via their smart devices, allowing you to check if your garage door is open or closed, or if someone is attempting to operate the garage door without permission. It even offers the added security benefit of keeping a log of all uses of the garage door with dates and times. With OHD Anywhere®, garage doors will never accidentally be left open because homeowners can check the status through their smartphone app and safely close the door. OHD Anywhere® will also alert the owner if the door is open for an extended period of time or after a certain time at night. The OHD Anywhere® app is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and other smart home systems like Alarm.com, Yonomi, Brilliant, Control4, Clare Controls and more.

To go along with high-tech applications, Overhead Door™ Brand offers leading garage door openers, including the Overhead Door® Infinity™ 2000 Garage Door Openers, which saves homeowners space as the brand’s first wall mount garage door openers. These openers come standard with the Overhead Door® Wireless Wall Console, integrated with OHD Anywhere® technology and easing the everyday lives of consumers with its ‘Jogger Button,’ allowing homeowners a maximum 30-second delay to exit the garage safely when used.

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Contemporary Design

In 2021, home design trends will continue to lean toward a sleek, no-nonsense aesthetic with designs favoring a contemporary style. To best complement modern architectural design for indoor-outdoor spaces, garage doors that feature clean lines provide an uninterrupted flow between these settings. Homeowners also understand the importance of functionality paired with aesthetics. As such, garage doors featuring premium insulation and durability are a top priority in addition to aesthetics.

But don’t be afraid to go bold! Homeowners are continually choosing colors and design options that help their homes stand out from the pack while boosting their curb appeal. That’s why enhanced customization is a trend that is here to stay. To begin the remodeling process and experiment, homeowners can use Overhead Door™ Brand’s garage door design center app called DoorView® that allows the user to upload an actual image of their home and puts the power of design at their fingertips, allowing users to customize the garage door through a wide variety of design options, including styles, windows, door colors, overlay colors, trim colors, handles and accessories.

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Modern Style Upgrades

Overhead Door™ Brand offers a wide selection of modern garage doors that can complement any home. Providing security, smart home capabilities and style to match any aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with a garage door from Overhead Door™ Brand. To get started, consider the below options that can really pump up your curb appeal in 2021.

The popular Impression Steel Collection® combines high-end aesthetics and durable construction. Model 5800 offers a striking Recessed Panel option and multiple color and detail choices. The Recessed Panel features a unique pinstriped panel with a bold, recessed stamp design, allowing homeowners to obtain a carriage house-style garage door while benefiting from the low maintenance and durability of steel. These residential garage doors come in a variety of stunning designs including new Red Walnut or Weathered Gray wood grain textures.

Thermacore® insulated steel garage doors are the ideal choice for premium construction and maximum thermal efficiency. With multiple panel designs and colors to choose from, these doors offer design flexibility, durability and thermal efficiency that will help keep your home comfortable in cold or hot climates.

For a cutting-edge look, Modern Aluminum Garage Doors offer many advantages, including maximum light infiltration, durability and, of course, a striking look for today’s contemporary-styled homes. Crisp lines and sleek design formed from durable corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and light-filtering glass make a striking complement to your home.

For these and many more garage door design options, or to learn more about our security or smart home technology features, contact Overhead Door Company of Brookfield at 203-740-7691.

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Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Picture this: you pull into your driveway after work on a cold, dreary evening, and you’re ready to get inside and cuddle up under a blanket. You click your garage door opener and… the door doesn’t move. You’re stuck out in the cold.

This can be a common occurrence during the winter months – but it doesn’t have to be.

When temperatures drop, garage doors tend to stick for a variety of reasons. And when temperatures get below freezing, doors can even freeze shut. With these three simple maintenance steps, you can safeguard your garage door from cold-weather stress and keep it in pristine condition, allowing you to come and go as you please year-round.


As you use your door more and more, over time, debris can build on the track and rollers, which interferes with how easily it opens and closes. Eventually, your tracks may become so clogged that your garage door can’t open and close at all, which can be pretty inconvenient when temperatures reach those winter lows. If yours is snagged, this could be a likely culprit. Start from inside the garage, and use a cloth to wipe away and remove any grease build-up.


Once you’ve cleaned the tracks, use regular grade machine oil (avoid heavy axle grease) to lubricate the rollers, track, hinges and bushings. These parts can stick and stall when it’s cold outside, and the lubrication will help get those parts operating smoothly again.

When you’re done, wipe away any excess oil to prevent additional build-up. We recommend that garage doors be cleaned and lubricated a few times a year, so getting into the practice now can only help the longevity of your door.


Since you use it every day, your garage door will wear down over time. Weather-stripping at the bottom of the door can often crack after extended use. Cracked weather-stripping can allow snow and ice underneath the door and inside your garage, which will cause the door to free shut.

To inspect the weather-stripping, wipe it down with a cloth, take note of any problem areas, and have an expert help with the repairs.


If none of those three tips help solve your problem, you may need to consult with an expert. Please do not hesitate to contact our team for help! We’ll identify and fix your problem quickly, so you don’t get left out in the cold.

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Smart Technology in the Garage

Powerful, quiet and durable, Overhead Door® automatic garage door openers and opener accessories are designed for performance. When you combine an Overhead Door® garage door opener with one of our garage doors, you get an integrated system that maximizes performance and reliability. Our full line of automatic garage door openers features a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different garage door weights and sizes. Each opener also comes with built-in, standard functions for ultimate safety, convenience and power. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of garage door opener accessories that further elevate the simplification of carefully crafted design and modern technology.

Opening up about Garage Door Openers

There are two main components to a garage door opener— the motor type and the drive type. Motor types come in two main options, AC and DC power. Garage door openers powered by an AC motor are typically louder, larger and heavier since they require more components. Garage door openers powered by a DC motor offer the most power and are the smoothest running motors in the industry. Not only are DC motors quieter and lighter, but they allow more features on the opener like soft start and stop, which reduces wear and tear on the door and motor.

The drive type is simply the way your garage door travels along with the guide – the long rail connected to the opener and above the center of your door – when it opens and closes. Within the guide is a screw, chain, or belt which moves the trolley along the guide to open and close your door.

Our belt drive opener models are some of the quietest garage door openers you can buy and are ideal for a garage that is connected to the house. Screw drive garage door openers, on the other hand, will give you the most power with the fastest operating speeds. If you have a large garage door, then these are the openers you’ll want to use. This is because our screw drive openers feature an exclusive direct drive system that transfers more power from the motor without using a gear reduction system. Finally, a chain drive garage door opener uses a chain to move the door open and closed. It is suitable for most garage doors as the design has been around for many years and will last a long time with routine maintenance.

To reinforce the garage door opener, the Heavy Duty Rail is also available. These double reinforced, C-Channel rails support the industry’s tallest and heaviest residential doors. Compatible with all existing Overhead Door® openers, the Heavy Duty Rail can supplement any screw, belt, or chain drive models, reinforcing the motor rail, and bolstering the opening system. While the Heavy Duty Rail weighs approximately twice as much as a standard rail of the same length and drive type, it can be installed by a single technician with ease. The sturdy design keeps rail deflection at a minimum to offer you confidence in its performance.


Universal Solutions: Opener Remotes and Keypads Simplify Life

Universal Wireless Keypad

Overhead Door™ Brand offers a variety of convenience-enhancing accessories that simplify life. These optional garage door opener accessories each feature something different to help you enjoy your new Overhead Door® opener or garage door system to the fullest. Among them is a line of keypads and opener remotes, which put ease and comfort at your fingertips.

The Universal Wireless Keypad, for example, simplifies the lives of homeowners with one device and PIN. Homeowners often have multiple garage doors that might not always use the same brand of openers, creating a hassle to manage them all and difficulty in remembering the various access codes. The convenience and versatility of the Universal Wireless Keypad offers customers leading innovation for everyday life. Compatible with some of the most popular garage door opener brands sold in the U.S., the Universal Wireless Keypad is easy to set up and control with simplified keypad programming and efficient backlight coverage.

Universal Remote


Another innovation is the Universal Remote, which can be programmed to operate a combination of up to four garage door openers or gate receivers, reducing the clutter of multiple remotes and replacing it with a single, convenient device. Pre-programmed settings and an exclusive pairing feature make for simplified programming options. The Universal Remote is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with a versatile visor clip and key ring loop in every box.

Garage Door Opener Technology

garage door opener app
Garage Door App

Remote controls aren’t all we offer. Find peace of mind with the OHD Anywhere® app, which allows you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. You can check if your garage door is open, closed or if there is any change to the door position. You can instantly know when someone is operating your garage door or open the door for a delivery, repair person or friends without having to provide the access password to your garage. With an OHD Anywhere® smart device enabled garage door controller, you can also access the history of each of your openers. This provides helpful security information of exactly when the door was used, including dates and times.

There are also many wall consoles and keypad options available. The Overhead Door® Wireless Wall Console, for instance, is an innovative, battery powered solution for your garage door system that eliminates the need for wires running up the wall. This console includes a “Jogger Button,” which provides a useful 10-second delay. It also has an up/down door button with optional LED backlighting and a separate work light button to control the light on the opener. The LED backlight has two pulsating speeds and will turn red to notify you when your console batteries are running low.

garage door opener wireless wall console
Wireless Wall Console

No matter what kind of Overhead Door™ garage door you own, there are many opener and accessory options available. Contact Overhead Door Company of Brookfield at 203-740-7691 to learn more about these and other convenient products.

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Choosing the Best Garage Door for your Home

Courtyard Collection Model 7560 (165T) – Sandstone


Choosing the right garage door is essential to the aesthetic of your home, as well as its security. Given the vast array of options to choose from, you should narrow down your decision based on factors such as color, functionality, architectural features and landscaping.


The right garage door will enhance your home’s appearance and security, and must never be an afterthought. In this article, we break down five key aspects to think about when choosing a garage door for your home.

1 – Cost

How much are you willing to spend on your new garage door? Your budget is one of the more important starting points to factor in when shopping around. There are more luxurious high-end options available and solid budget options as well. It is important to aim for a style and material within your budget while also taking quality and durability into consideration. This means avoiding cheap doors that wear out quickly and need to be replaced or continually maintained.

A well-designed and durable door improves aesthetics, enhances security, and adds value to your home. This all-around improvement is a boost to your home’s resale value, meaning you’re able to get more money for it should you choose to sell it in the future.

2 – Security

A garage door is more than just protection for your car. It protects your family as well. Therefore, a vital step to consider is whether to get a garage door that connects to the alarm system in your home. When you do this, interference with the garage door will trigger the home alarm, which will help detect burglars and deter crime.

Security features for your garage can extend beyond your garage door, too. You can think about installing motion-detecting lights and cameras that show activity around and inside the garage. Another option is to get a smart garage door opener as it alerts you when the door is open, enabling you to lock it remotely or even check who opened it.

Thermacore Model 5740 Thermacore Model 5740 (195) – Dark-Bronze

3 – Design

There are multiple types of garage doors to consider when shopping around. Traditional garage doors open outwards from a central split, while others slide to the right. One of the most popular options now is the overhead sectional door, due to its weather resistance and increased energy efficiency.

In addition to functional design, you also need to consider what your garage door looks like. There are several types of garage doors available that can meet your functional and design needs. From aluminum to traditional wood, a sleek design and high-quality material can add convenience and style to your home.

4 – Maintenance

While there are some higher quality options available, the hard truth is that no garage door lasts forever. All garage door materials require some degree of repairs and maintenance to retain their beauty and functionality, and some need more frequent and costly repairs than others. You should consider picking an insulated model made of durable, low-maintenance material like fiberglass or steel. This way, you enjoy the benefits of a new garage door without needing to worry about maintenance as much.

You may also want to consider replacing your garage door opener when choosing a new door. Your opener may fail, or maybe simply show signs of aging. Perhaps you just want a quieter model or one with more features. It’s easiest to replace both at the same time to ensure they’re compatible and will last for a while.

Durafirm Model 3560 (870) - Glacier White Durafirm Model 3560 (870) – Glacier White

5 – Temperature and Climate

When choosing a garage door, it’s vital to keep the weather of your area in mind. Certain materials behave differently in different weather conditions. This calls for caution, as failure to take this into account and choose a properly-insulated garage door could have you incurring extra maintenance costs.

Hot and humid weather is best suited for fiberglass, as it keeps the inside cool while also providing adequate insulation. Another way to keep your interiors cool and well ventilated is by installing the right ventilation.

Climates with freezing temperatures, hail, and snow usually call for vinyl garage doors, since they have excellent insulation capabilities. In addition, vinyl is less susceptible to rain, salt, wind and sand, which makes it all the more suitable.


In the past, homeowners focused more on functionality than form. However, with the vast array of options available today, you need to insist on advanced functionality and eye-catching designs. Be sure to pick a door that matches or complements the architectural style and color of your home.

Choosing the right garage door can increase energy efficiency, home security and the overall look and appeal of your property. This helps boost your home’s resale value as well as your comfort and peace of mind. To help you make the most informed decision, contact your local Overhead Door™ Distributor to find the garage door that meets your needs.

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